Wii developer warns hardcore gamers – bug games or stop whining

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Rainbow studios developer, Jordan Itkowitz, has warned consumers that they will need to vote with their dollars if they want to see more hardcore games on the Nintendo Wii.

The Deadly Creatures developer has stated that the game is an experiment to test the waters and if it doesn’t work they will be falling back on the faithful casual game market and the dreaded mini game compilations.

While I agree with his point that we need to start buying more hardcore Wii games or stop complaining about the lack of them I am not convinced that Deadly Creatures is anything like a hardcore game. It seems more like a nature simulator to me but hopefully I am selling it woefully short.

The graphics look pretty impressive for a Wii title and it does look like a unique idea so lets hope it is good.

Source: Shacknews

Last Updated: January 8, 2009

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