Wii pricing is on the edge of acceptance

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So I just closed the recent poll I had running about the Wii and the results were very interesting. I expected a huge backlash against the price and that didn’t actually happen.

The results were as follows

1. Interesting but overpriced – 58 Votes
2. It’s fantastic, pure fun – 56 Votes
3. It’s a kiddies toy – 36 Votes
4. Couldn’t care less – 20 Votes

170 votes in total which is my new record, thanks.

So we can see from this that the small majority like it but find it to expensive, right behind that are the Wii fans. A very small minority couldn’t care about the Wii which tells us something at least. People are intrigued by it.

What I did find even more interesting however was that a large portion of the regular commentators voted that it was over priced. While the people who liked it don’t normally comment. Maybe I should start insulting the Wii as well to get some of those visitors commenting 😉

Oh and some of the regular commentators didn’t vote at all? I don’t know about you but I can never go past an online poll without voting…

Last Updated: October 22, 2007

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