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Wii to be released 10 August – We hope

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www.ninty.co.za has noticed that the Wii has come up for pre-order from BT Games with an expected delivery date of the 10th of August…

Well I contacted Shannon from BT Games to confirm the date and the all important distributor issue and received a response.

Basically the date is unfortunately still estimated and things where looking very good for a release on the 10th up until Wednesday, but once again since everyone else on the planet won’t stop buying the thing Nintendo has run into stock problems again.

Obviously they are going to try and keep up with the huge demand from the zones they have already released in before expanding their footprint so for now let’s hope for an increase in manufacturing….

In regard to the distributor nothing has been confirmed yet but it still looks like Nu Metro are going to win the rights ahead of Megarom and The Core Group.

So lets cross our fingers and hope for the best, well spotted as well Ninty.

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Last Updated: May 25, 2007

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