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Wii to be released on the 26th of September. Risky or Stupid?

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So we finally have a release date for the Nintendo Wii.

September 26th 2007… Finish the fight.. Oh no wait, wrong launch. That would be the other huge worldwide launch that is happening.

Now the Core group might be happy to say that the Xbox 360 is not a direct competitor and Halo 3 is really not a competitor but what about the people who cover these launches and give you media?

Let me see, the worlds biggest gaming launch ever or a year old console that has finally made it to South Africa. Yeah tough choice.

As you can tell this annoys the hell out of me because I didn’t even get an invite to the Wii launch :)… I had to read about it on News24 

Of all days to choose why oh why would you choose this one? So are The Core Group being cocky or stupid?

Oh and don’t think we haven’t noticed the price either, I am not so comfortable paying over R3000 for a cheap second console.

[Thanks to Ruslan for the tip… again]

Last Updated: September 19, 2007

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