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Wii U CPU’s challenging devs

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Is the Wii U more or less powerful than the current crop of HD consoles? Or is it more or less as powerful? These are important questions that need answering! Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors producer Akihiro Suzuki is here to answer them – and it seems that the Wii U is both more and less powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Suzuki said that the IBM-powered CPU in the Wii U isn’t quite up to scratch with the already ageing processors in the Ps3 and 360 – but that it largely makes up for it with the extra RAM and graphical capabiities.

“One of the weaknesses of the Wii U compared to PS3 and Xbox 360 is the CPU power is a little bit less. So for games in the Warriors series, including Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi, when you have a lot of enemies coming at you at once, the performance tends to be affected because of the CPU. Dealing with that is a challenge.”

“Developing on new hardware in itself was a challenge,” he added, “and also making that launch date was a challenge. But from a visual standpoint, based on the performance of the Wii U, we knew the game had the capability of having much better graphics than games on PS3 and Xbox 360.”

So when it comes to physics and other CPU intensive problems, the Wii U struggles – but it produces better eyecandy than the other machines thanks to the newer AMD 7 series GPU.

“Make no mistake, from a visual standpoint, it is able to produce better graphics. So our challenge was to make a higher quality graphics. We were able to meet that.”

The Wii U’s coming in November – and won’t cost much more than the new PS3 super slim.

Last Updated: September 21, 2012

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