Wii-U is easy to develop for and can push 1080p

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Toki Tori 2

Granted this isn’t scientific proof or really backed up by much more than a single developer but according to Two Tribes development studio the Wii-U is surprisingly easy to develop for and can push out 1080p quality video footage without even breaking a sweat.

In a long running Q&A session over twitter the developer’s couldn’t stop saying nice things about the Nintendo Wii-U which is a good sign as their game, Toki Tori 2, is being released on multiple platforms and all the focus appears to be around the Wii-U’s ability.

Some choice tweets

@jimmyelgringito: How was it developing the game for Wii U? Is the Wii U easy to develop for?” The coders found it easier than expected!

@KneehighPark: What attracted youto the Wii U specifically?The unique controller? Or the Wii U audience.” Nintendo audience mostly!

@ColdBlooder: What are your thoughts of the new Wii U hardware in general after working with it?” Much easier than Wii. Lots of options!

@Damiano_Chris: How are the graphics turning out?? Are you guys happy on how powerful the WiiU is?” 1080p without breaking a sweat! 🙂

@palancas7: is 60fps guaranteed for WiiU?” I would be very disappointed if it wasn’t, but no guarantee until it’s done.@TwoTribesGames

So 60fps at 1080p and easier than ever before, that’s a lot of good news in one twitter stream

The game looks pretty cute and granted it’s not an Assassin’s Creed or Sleeping Dogs but sometimes these puzzle games can be pretty intensive on the hardware

Last Updated: August 10, 2012

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