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Wii-U not even as powerful as the Xbox 360

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Nintendo’s next console, the Wii-U, hasn’t been getting a lot of good press since it was announced and this latest set back really isn’t going to go down well with the legions of hard suffering Nintendo fans out there.

According to an anonymous developer the Wii-U is actually not on a par with the Xbox 360 or PS3, it’s actually less powerful and less capable of pushing out the levels of graphics we have come to expect from our current gen consoles. Never mind our next gen.

The reasons for this are purely financial as Nintendo are banking on the touch pad to give them the edge in the next generation and that is an expensive piece of equipment to shove into a console so to keep the price reasonable they were required to use common CPU’s and GPU’s in the console which means they aren’t pushing any technical envelopes.

This isn’t always a bad thing as graphics only make up a small section of why we love gaming but the part that worries me the most is that I use the Nintendo Wii a lot but always for multiplayer gaming.

The Wii-U apparently only supports a single touch pad so it will be of little use to multiplayer gaming and will therefore turn the device into a dedicated single player machine that will need to go head to head against the Orbis (PS4) and NXbox (Next Xbox).

What’s more the PS Vita + PS3 combination is far more powerful than the Wii-U will be but then again it’s never going to work. Anyone who expects a large portion of gamers to go out and buy 2 very expensive devices to play a single game are deluded. Yes some people will do it but far far less than the amount of people who bought a PS Move and look how badly that idea faired.

All in all I’m worried for Nintendo and the Wii-U, I can distinctly see a watermark of Dreamcast on the side of it.

Last Updated: April 3, 2012

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