Will Chalice Dungeons make Bloodborne impossible?

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Bloodborne CD7

I’m excited for Bloodborne. Not that I’m equipped to play it, but I do enjoy the new games out of From Software. Dark and Demons’ Souls marked the return to hardcore gaming, requiring practice and careful gameplay. Bloodborne will follow in those footsteps, but might just trip everyone up even more.

As a counter argument to people who say that Dark Souls is really hard, I’ve heard it described as similar to a racing game. You might crash and burn a bunch of times, but eventually you learn how it all works and you can cruise through the various levels – it’s just about knowing what’s coming and the best strategy to overcome the obstacles. That sounds way better than “You will die”, right?

Much of Bloodborne will be the same, with deep lore and challenging combat combining to give players a gruesome and intense experience. However, the new Chalice Dungeon feature takes players beneath the city of Yharnam to explore vast structures and multiple levels. These are procedurally generated and can even be shared with friends. Designed to offer extra challenge, even after completing the game, I wonder if the Chalice Dungeons will make the game too hard. It’s great to have a challenge, but to make these games into something procedurally generated almost seems to make it unfairly hard. Of course, that could just be me and my pathetic inability to play the game.

From Software game us some fresh screens last month while everyone was on holiday. So, wipe the vacation from your eyeballs and feast them on this:

Last Updated: January 5, 2015

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