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Will PSN be coming back with enhanced functionality?

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As you’re all aware – especially those of you with just the one online console – Sony’s PSN has been down for over a week, leaving PS3 gamers unable to get their multiplayer fix. You also likely already know that the service’s databases have been compromised, spilling out 70 million users private information on to the internet. There’s no reason for panic just yet – we don’t know if the attack is white or black hat just yet, and if the attacker plans on using the information for nefarious financial gain or just to poke Sony in the eye.

That’s the bad news, but there might be some good in it. According to some random internet dude, when the PSN does relaunch, it’ll have a a few new oft-requested features to add a little light to the dark and dismal situation.

An Engadget commenter claiming to be a Sony employee reckons that the network is being rebuilt – and will be back bigger and better than ever.

“As we are rebuilding the network, we are taking into consideration in implementing features such as cross game chat and in-game video chat to name a few,” he said about the downtime, adding that “I cannot confirm any new features at this time but expect a massive update when the network is restored.”

What do you think? Has Sony taken the opportunity during the downtime to make the PSN a better place, or have they mostly been scrambling just to make sure things are working and do their best to save face? After this, They’re going to have to do something to rebuild their image and gain public trust, but are a few new features enough- especially when they’re features the seemingly more secure competition already boasts?

Source : Engadget (via CVG)


Last Updated: April 28, 2011

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