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Will Zelda: Ocarina of Time save the 3DS?

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The Nintendo 3DS has shocked most people by not selling anywhere near as well as expected. Granted the launch line up wasn’t fantastic but it’s not terrible and now with games like Dead or Alive: Dimensions, Street Fighter and Nintendogs there should be enough to get some good sales in.

However the sales are still lacklustre and now analysts believe that the tide will finally be turned when the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is released in the near future.

“There isn’t a strong overlap between the handheld and home console markets. Very few consumers forgo buying one type of game over another. I don’t have any cause for concerns for Zelda as it faces little competition within the handheld sector.

“Correct, the summer months are typically when consumers take vacations and the June release date for Zelda is surely not coincidental. I believe Zelda will provide a significant boost to the 3DS platform, both in awareness and in hardware sales.”

– Jesse Divnich

So do you think Zelda is going to save the day or is the 3DS just not what people want?

Source: MyNintendoNews

Last Updated: May 30, 2011

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