Win a digital copy of Titanfall for PC!

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If it wasn’t for the lovely folks at Evopoints, most of us here in South Africa wouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to play Titanfall. South Africa’s been denied one of the year’s biggest games because network performance, they say,  just wasn’t up to scratch. Maybe you’re wary of buying game keys off the internet, or maybe you’re not convinced the lag will be bearable – so you’ve opted to not grab Titanfall right now. So thanks to Evopoints, we’re giving one away.

Yep, we’re giving away one key for the PC version of Titanfall, You’ll need to redeem this key in Origin and download the game, which will consume 21(ish) gigabytes of data, and then a further 30 or so on your hard drive once all that audio is decompressed.

And all you have to to be eligible? Comment, right here using a registered Disqus ID with a valid e-mail address (so that we can get hold of you). The winner will be randomly selected at 12pm tomorrow, and the key emailed to the winner.

Once again, thanks to Evopoints not only for making it so that many of us in South Africa actually get to play Titanfall, but also for sponsoring the prize.

Standby for comments.

Last Updated: March 13, 2014

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