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Win a limited edition Max Payne 3 gunbag and goodies

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Imagine my joy when I stepped out the office to meet the delivery man the other day and the image above is what I received.

Then when I opened it I found 3 sets of Max Payne 3 pens in the shape of bullets, flasks in the shape of ammo clips and shirts.

It’s so nice of our friends at Megarom to give us free swag so I quickly hopped onto the phone to let them know we appreciate the goodies only to be told that no it’s actually not for us; it’s for us to give away to you, the readers.

Generally I’m all excited to give stuff to you guys and girls because you rock and we love you BUT this bag is epic and I don’t want to. I don’t I don’t I don’t.

But I have to so to make myself feel better I’ve emptied the bag out, shoved it full of my personal stash of Xbox 360 and Wii games* to make you jealous.

This isn't all of them

So if you want this bag let me know exactly how many games I have fitted into it by leaving a comment below, everyone who gets the correct number will go into a draw to win the bag which will include a T-shirt, Bullet pen and Ammo flask. I’m taking the games back.

But don’t worry if your guessing sucks you can stand in line to win your very own shirt, Bullet pen and ammo flask by clicking this Tweet button and sharing the love for this competition. Remember you can change the text of the tweet if you like but leave the hashtag else we can’t find your entry.

Competition ends next Friday and you only get one shot at the correct number of games (most recent comment counts) but you can enter via twitter as many times as you like

*I chose these as they are the exact same size and the sample games come in full sized boxes unlike the PS3 review copies. So if you find the dimensions of this bag you stand a chance of getting it right.

**As always please remember that this competition is only open to people within South Africa’s borders

[Update] As I’ve mentioned in the comments

  • The games are packed neatly in the bag
  • I’ve put as many as I can without stretching the bag or possibly damaging my games
  • The side pockets are used
  • That image above was while I was packing, it’s not the end result

THIS COMPETITION IS CLOSED. Entries closed at 12:00 PM. winner will be announced at 15:30 on May 25 2012.

Last Updated: May 18, 2012

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