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Project CARS lobby

Of course Project CARS has multiplayer. I mean, we knew that it would be a gorgeous and impressive racing game, and what’s the point of racing if you can’t brag about being better than your friends? Needless to say, you’ll want all your favorite features, and it looks like Project CARS knows exactly what gamers want.

First up, here’s a pretty trailer for the multiplayer experience.

However, Project CARS acknowledged that how you play with friends is different from how you play with strangers. That’s why they’ve made sure lobbies work differently in public as compared to in friend or private sessions.

Public Lobbies are designed for quick or ad-hoc games with strangers. A lobby countdown timer dictates when the event begins and players can give a thumbs up to say they’re ready to go which speeds it up and gets everyone into the game faster. So if you’re playing multiple online games in a row with the same people, you’re sure to be able to jump into each with as little fuss as possible. Public Lobbies appear in a global browsable Current Public Games list that any player can join in and invite their friends to.
Friend Lobbies are designed for you and your friends to play in a more trustworthy environment with a host determining when the game starts based on communication amongst your friends either by text (PC) or voice chat (PS4, Xbox One). Players can join Friend Lobbies either by choosing ‘Join Game’ from their Friend List or from being invited in by someone already in the lobby.
Private Lobbies are designed for players and companies out there that wish to only allow players that meet certain criteria entry. Eg.. you may be the curator of a sim racing league or large brand that wishes to only allow competition winners or league members access to a lobby. With a Private Lobby you can thereby create bespoke lobbies of specific people that are only allowed to play.

So, whether you’re just playing a quick pick up game with strangers or taking part in a closed league, there’s a lobby for every purpose. Combine this with massive size, and I think multiplayer fans will be happy. That’s right, online lobbies of up to 16 players are supported on Xbox One, PS4 and 32-bit PC while 32 player lobbies are available for PC players running 64-bit.

Last Updated: April 24, 2015

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