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Here are the winners of the Virtual Tickets to BlizzCon 2018!

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Blizzcon (1) (2)

Getting to BlizzCon does require some planning well in advance, booking a seat in last class and enduring hours of travel if you’re planning to attend from more remote places in the world. There is an alternative however! While you may not be able to visit BlizzCon in the flesh, you can still be there in spirit, with a virtual ticket that gives you a live window into the event.

Even better, that ticket comes with plenty of digital goodies attached to it, which are slotted into your favourite Blizzard games. Here’s a look at what this year’s virtual ticket has to offer:

Blizzcon (1)

  • Overwatch – Legendary skin: Sombra demon hunter
  • Heroes of the Storm BlizzCon items
  • World of WarCraft BlizzCon items
  • Hearthstone BlizzCon items
  • StarCraft 2 BlizzCon items
  • Diablo BlizzCon items


Blizzcon (3)

  • Opening Ceremony access
  • Live Esports Streams access
  • Play World of Warcraft Classic At-Home BlizzCon Demo
  • Exclusive Pre-Show Video Series
  • Live Coverage from ALL Stages
  • Community Night
  • Closing Night Festivities
  • BlizzCon 2017 Archive
  • $10 Off Goody Bag
  • BlizzCon Online Merch Sale Early Access
  • In-Game Goodies
  • Build-A-Panel

And as you know, thanks to Blizzard we have a trio of Virtual tickets to give away. Here’s who won:

Win one of 3 Blizzcon Virtual Tickets!

Congrats to Daniel Van Zyl. Neil Johnson and Kealan Miller. We’ll have your Blizzcon codes off to you soon.

Last Updated: November 1, 2018

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