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Wipeout Developer back as Firesprite

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When news came about that Sony had axed Wipeout developer Sony Liverpool, I was actually pretty upset. The team that made Wipeout started out as Psygnosis – giving us Shadow of the Beast, publishing Lemmings and the Discworld adventure games.

As Sony owned Studio Liverpool though, they were mostly known for making Wipeout games, right up until Wipeout HD for the Ps3 and 2048 for the Vita. The studio was shuttered in August last year.

It’s now back..or at least the spirit of it is back, in a new studio called Firesprite. It’s made up of former members of Studio Liverpool.

“Firesprite came about organically, but we all had a shared vision,” the new studio’s Managing Director, Graeme Ankers, told IGN. “The founding team met up socially after Studio Liverpool and we talked about all the things we had achieved over the years, the platform launches, the variety of games, going back to the Psygnosis days and through to F1 and WipEout. We knew we wanted to carry on making great games.”

Their first job a a team was to help with the augmented reality Playroom software that’s on every PS4 – but they’re moving on to their own games soon.

So could the team end up bringing its former franchises back to life? specifically, could it resurrect the cancelled Wipeout game that was headed for the PS4?

“We do have a lot of experience on PlayStation platforms,” he admitted, “and it’s been fantastic being part of the journey on all of them.”

“I don’t know where this journey is going to take us. Ultimately, we love these games, but the decision isn’t ours. WipEout is a special game. Its soul comes from Liverpool’s development history.”

Honestly though? I do look forward to seeing what they’re capable of doing, free from the shackles of perpetual Wipeout development.

Last Updated: December 6, 2013

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  1. Jonah Cash

    December 6, 2013 at 15:48

    Comment????????? OK fine I will do it!! Good to hear that they landed on their feet and are allowed to think for themselves again!! Hope it works out well for them and that we can get some decent games from them in the future!! Good luck lads!!
    Oh and yes YNWA…..


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