With Marvel’s Phase 3 announced,now’s a good time to start collecting comics

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There are a lot of comic book movies on the way. It is essentially hell for anyone with a spandex allergy, but a new golden age for people such as me to see various heroes get the big screen treatment. Marvel recently announced a massive line-up for all their Phase 3 films, that will all pave the way for a two-part Avengers movie. That means entertainment. That also means that some comic books are going to see their value soar through the roof.

Take for instance, Spider-Man and Iron Man comics, which are worth many, many thousands of dollars right now. Mind you, buying and selling these comics also comes down to timing. Knowing when to purchase and when to sell is key here. But if you’re up for taking a chance, here’s what could be a lucrative opportunity based on the Phase 3 announcements.

Black Panther

Black Panther

The Black Panther is essentially the closest that Marvel will ever get to having their own Batman. But in many other ways, he’s a far cooler character. He hails from Wakanda (Or Sun City when the film inevitably starts filming here, mark my words), an African nation that kicked Britain off its territory and hid itself from the world with technology centuries ahead of any other nation on the planet. Thanks to a Vibranium stockpile, Wakanda is also outfitted with defenses that can repel just about any attack.

The Black Panther is a legacy passed down through the generations of Wakanda, serving the people as both sovereign and protector. It is essentially a kickass book, and I highly recommend reading “Who is the Black Panther”, which sets up the character and his world perfectly, while also serving as a pretty harsh criticism of foreign influence on African soil.

A pricy comic, you can expect to drop anywhere between $200 to $1000 to own this classic gem from 1966.

Doctor Strange


By the pricy popcorn of Geoff! Now make no mistake, Doctor Strange is easily the most expensive comic book on this list. How much?  The first appearance book Strange Tales #110 could hit you for between $600 to $7000, based on the mystic might of the comic grade. That is a fairly heavy chunk of change, and possibly a bigger gamble than the film itself.

Captain Marvel


There have been many, many Captain Marvels. From an alien super soldier to a more contemporary young Muslim lady that fights crime under that identity, Captain Marvel has been a mainstay of Marvel for many a decade now. But the version we’re seeing in movies a few years from now, is the Carol Danvers version. This incarnation first popped up in Marvel Super Heroes 13 and assisted the Kree version of Captain Marvel from stopping a gigantic Kree cassette recorder annihilator thingy from destroying an airbase. That comic will hit your pocket for around $100 to $400 depending on condition.

But the first comic to feature Danvers with powers, would be Ms Marvel #1, a comic that can cost you anywhere from $80 to $200 at the moment. Which isn’t a bad price at all.

The Inhumans


Let’s face facts: You won’t ever see an X-Men and Avengers crossover, due to the two film properties being under the Fox and Disney banners respectively. But what Marvel has managed to do in a pissy manner at getting back at Fox by giving the X-Men very little attention as of late, is fill that gap with the Inhumans. Genetically engineered super-humans from the dawn of time, the Inhumans can do anything that an X-gene can do. They first popped up in Fantastic Four #45, with Reed Richards and his gang encountering their secret society.

Right now, the debut of Black Bolt and his posse will set you back around $300 to $1000 depending on the grade. And if that film franchise takes off, that could be a proper bargain. So, uh, start saving up!

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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