[Update] Whoops! Bonus PS3 Deus Ex Human Revolution Soundtrack requires PC Blu-ray drive

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Good news! We’ve been informed that this issue affects US customers only, and shouldn’t be a problem for us in SA.

The Augmented Edition of Deus Ex Human Revolution ships with a bonus DVD that includes, amongst other things, the game’s glorious soundtrack. Well, the Xbox 360 and PC versions do, at least. For some reason – it seems to a be a technical stuff up – the PS3 version’s bonus DVD isn;t a DVD at all – it’s a Blu-Ray.

“Sweet!”  you might think, getting a technologically superior optical disc to to that outdated DVD rubbish. That is, until you try to access the bonus soundtrack.

Though you can view the videos just fine from your PS3, attempting to select the soundtrack promptly throws up an error message telling you to put the Blu-ray disc in your computer to retrieve the files.don’t have a PC with a Blu-ray drive? For now, tough. According to Eidos the disc was authored as a DVD, intended to be a DVD and even says “DVD” in fine-print on the disc – but ended up being pressed to Blu-Ray.

There’s no solution just yet, but with the files being simple mp3’s, it’s likely that Eidos will make them available for download soon.

Source : Eidos

Last Updated: August 25, 2011

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