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World of Warcraft players donate R13 million to Japan

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Fresh of the heels of being vilified in Norway thanks to the insane terrorist labelling World of Warcraft as a good way to hide being a terrorist the gamers in World of Warcraft have hit back in the best way possible.

Blizzard have announced via Battle.net that gamers have raised a total of over $1.9 million in funding for the Japanese nuclear crisis.

The fact that they’ve accomplished this by buying a virtual bird which looks like it was hard hit by the nuclear crisis is something else entirely.

Earlier this year Blizzard asked all it’s players to buy a virtual Cenarion Hatchling pet for $10 with every 100% of the adoption fee going to assist victims of the disaster and just a few weeks later they are now able to announce that they raised a massive R13 million to help out.

So the next time someone tries to use the Norwegian terrorist as a reason why games should be banned remind them that gamers as a community do give back and are helping to solve the worlds problems.

Don’t judge us all by the actions of one madman.

Source: Battle.net

Last Updated: August 4, 2011

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