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World of Warcraft wants you to stay home, entices you with 100% XP bonus

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Yes yes yes, we all know about the virus that’s making the rounds. I don’t feel the need to start this off my trudging that ground once again but you should know that this next bit of news is a direct result of COVID-19 making the world a far more introvert-friendly space. With everyone locking themselves insides to avoid contracting (or spreading) the virus, we’re all in desperate need of stuff to keep us occupied. Sure, we could be working as is customary during the week but what about those times when you finish all your work early? Well, you could maybe check back in with World of Warcraft as Blizzard is really keen on you staying inside and levelling up rather than venturing out in the wild for a cold one with the boys.


In a post on Blizzard’s website, it was announced that starting from today and ending next month, all WoW players will be receiving 100% XP boosts:

If you’re staying inside and find yourself returning to Azeroth, or if you’re leveling another character (or two), you’ll be getting a special bonus to help you on your way. Beginning today through April 20, 2020 all players in Battle for Azeroth will gain an experience buff called “Winds of Wisdom” which will increase experience gains by 100%!

It’s also pointed out this the bonus can be used by owners of the Starter Edition and Legion players. Players can also use their favourite heirlooms alongside this boost in XP meaning that we should see some ultra-powerful characters roaming the plains of Azeroth in no times.

It’s the least Blizzard can do considering their track record over the past few months hasn’t been especially impressive. While I doubt they’ll be winning any soured fans back with some extra XP, this can at least serve as a stepping stone for a brighter future. One can only hope, right?

Last Updated: March 23, 2020

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