Worldwide Sales Figures For All Consoles

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So the big 3 (well the only 3) console makers have released their year to date sales figures. I am presuming these are shipped or sold to retailer figures but I think they are very telling anyway.

Wii – 9,980,000 sold between Jan 2007 and Sep 2007
PS2 – 8,400,000
PS3 – 3,930,000
360 – 3,000,000

So who expected the 360 to be coming last? Now I am not sure where they are getting their figures from and how the 360 has such a round number but there you go…

Isn’t it impressive how the PS2 is still killing the 360 and PS3 though?

N-Europe: News: Worldwide Sales Figures For All Consoles

Last Updated: October 29, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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