Worldwide sales for the 15th of February 2008

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Once again the PS3 beats out the 360 in sales, however the Wii shortage seems to be coming to an end which means the Wii is once again outselling everything… except the DS but I don’t think Nintendo will lose much sleep over that.

Wii  – 235,553
PS3 – 176,294
360 – 128,861

So 50k more PS3’s were sold than 360’s…. That is quite some margin and it really is about time that Microsoft made a move to reverse this trend, before they find themselves to far behind.

Wii  – 1,488,094
360 – 1,459,379
PS3 –    845,732

Sony really needs to start selling more games though, being outsold nearly 2:1 is not very good for the bottom line.

But just look at the Wii go, top in hardware and software… The shareholders must all look like cheshire cats.

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Last Updated: February 25, 2008

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