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Worldwide sales running up to Christmas

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So it was the week before Christmas and all the shops were selling out of consoles…. Now the sales have been tallied and we can report on which console won the worldwide race…

Okay that’s not true we can confirm that the Wii obviously won but who came second….

In first place as expected was the Wii with sales of 1,457,872….

In second was the PS3…. with 619,388 and bringing up the rear was the 360 with 594,520 units… Suprised?

Well what really matters to these companies is the software sales as that is where they make their profit…

First was the Wii with an incredible 2,718,256

Then in second place (and I have to say I am suprised by this) was the PS3 with 1,154,488 and the 360 again trailed with 999,230.

So is that it for the 360? Has it had its time?

You would be a fool to count them out already but these results must hurt.

Video Game Chartz – Nintendo – Sony – Microsoft – Worldwide Weekly Chart

[As you have most probably guesses I have been on leave. Not to worry the news will start becoming more regular from now on.. excluding my hangover day on the 1st of Jan]

Last Updated: December 27, 2007

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