Worms World Party is being Remastered

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There’s that one game you used to love, made by that one developer who seems to be stuck making the same game over and over again, releasing iteration upon iteration of the same thing. No I’m not talking about Street Fighter again, but rather Worms. It seems as though Team 17 has been making the same game for the better part of two decades. They’re still at it, this time remastering one of the very best games featuring those angsty, armed annelids: Worms World Party.

The last of the classic 2D games before 3D worms came and ruined everything, Worms World Party showed Team 17 at its very best, with the most varied weapons, levels, silly sound bites and extraneous features. And it’s coming back…next month. Worms World Party Remastered will feature remastered graphics, enhanced sound effects, controller support and enhanced Steam features, including cloud saves, leaderboards and achievements.

It’s coming to Steam next month, and I’m really left wondering…why? It’s a remaster of a game I don’t think anybody was asking for – but at least it’s of a game old enough to deserve one, I guess. Me? I think it’s time for these little blighters to die.

Last Updated: June 11, 2015

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