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Worst use of the Wii remote?

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I see a lot of rubbish while I am trawling the web for gaming related stories. Normally I just ignore it and move on. However sometimes the crap is just so bad that I feel I have to subject you to it as well.

Yes it’s mean but it’s Friday and you are all going to say horrible things about me again anyway 🙂

This person in the video has apparently connected his Wii remote to his curtains so that he doesn’t have to move to open and close them. I could be really mean and say that there is a great suprise at the end but I am not that bad. After watching it for 2 seconds you get the idea.

You have now joined over 6000 of us who have lowered our IQ’s by watching this…. This is possibly the stupidest thing to do with a Wii remote… ever…

Last Updated: March 7, 2008

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