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WTF – Baby Pals are the new front line of Islam

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Baby PalsWelcome to a new feature for Lazygamer that I just completely made up on the spot…

It’s the WTF is going on feature, you see apparently a mother in America (where else) has had to confiscate a copy of Baby Pals from her daughter because while the daughter was playing the game she apparently heard the little baby say “Islam is the light”.

She also had to confiscate her youngest daughters new dolly for saying the same thing. What are the odds on that happening?

So yeah she is a complete crackpot who is hearing weird religious statements where non exist.

Well that is what I thought until I actually watched the accompanying video and heard it for myself, it does appear to say it. It’s not perfect and is said in a babies voice but yeah it’s there.

Nintendo are quickly claiming that they have no responsibility in regards to the content of the game but since it is Licensed by them you would think that they would be your primary target for sueing, which is what I presumse is going to be happening now.

This isn’t the first time that dolls have been accused of spreading Islam though, Mattel is already in talk with a group in regards to two of it’s dolls repeating Islamic statement… 

Possibly the oddest moment of 2009 so far but then again it is only January.

Check out the video through the jump.

Source: Gameculture

*I have nothing more against Islam than I do any other religion so please don’t attack the messenger, believe what you want and keep it to yourself unless asked.

Last Updated: January 28, 2009

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