X – a new game from Monolith Soft (video post)

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‘X’ from Monolith Soft looks really impressive. So much so that I did my first ever youtube video to talk about it.

In case you can’t watch the video with sound (or don’t want to), I’m excited about this game – it’s got some great graphics and looks like a really impressive RPG. Plus, it’s gonna be a Wii U exclusive!

Brought to you by the brains behind the mecha in Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Trigger, as well as Xenogears, Xenoblade and Xenosaga, it combines urban and open world environments. Plus, you seem to get the old school fighting elements – swords, magic and mecha! It’s coming in 2014 and is definitely on my radar. I think this could be a game that will make some RPG fans who don’t have a Wii U go out and get one.

And here is the trailer:

Last Updated: June 13, 2013

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