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XBLA: Gyruss and 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures

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So this week is turning out to be a very good week. Not only are we getting a XBLA game this Wednesday we are actually getting two


Gyruss: Which is an old style space shooter from Konami Digital. You get to blast your way through 23 levels on co-op if you like for a measly 400 points. 

What is unfortunate though is if you play co-op locally you are playing split screen, why couldn’t they fit two small ships on one screen? Anyway you can also enjoy some versus which should be entertaining enough for a party night…



Mini Golf

Next on the list is 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures…. Cool putt-putt on the Xbox… It comes with 36 holes, 4 player multiplayer over Xbox Live and the obligatory 200 achievement points.

It is also coming with a course editor and “over the top” power ups… Sounds good but it’s retailing at 800 points which is getting on the pricey side…

It’s a good week to be a Xbox owner… follow the link for more details…

Link to Gamerscore Blog : Xbox LIVE Arcade Double Header: Gyruss and 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures

Last Updated: April 17, 2007

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