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Xbox 20/20 Announced – Monthly updates on Xbox Series X and more coming every month

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A big splurge in gaming news used to be a June regular, with the rest of the year offering quick squirts of information to help lubricate the hype machine of the gaming industry. These days though? A different strategy is needed. Fans want more news, they want transparency and they definitely want something to look forward to.

This week will see Microsoft tackle that hunger with a live stream aimed at showing off some of the Xbox Series X muscle that they’ve been flexing lately. But it won’t be the only event bearing their signature green!

“Starting with the May 7 episode of Inside Xbox, we will be showcasing what happens next in the world of Xbox, every month, which is why we’re calling it “Xbox 20/20.” These monthly moments will take place throughout the rest of the year and will be a way for us to engage, connect and celebrate with you about what’s in store for the next generation of gaming, including what’s next for Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Studios, Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud,”Jerret West, CVP, Gaming Marketing, wrote on the Xbox Wire.

Every month will bring something different. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more details. This is a momentous year for Xbox, with our next-gen console paving the way for all our games and services to come together in even better ways. Here’s what 2020 looks like, just to start:

As for what you can expect from these events, West dropped the following crib list of the direction that Xbox 20/20 is taking:

  • Our goal remains to launch Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite this Holiday
  • All 15 Xbox Game Studios teams are hard at work on next-generation games for Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass
  • The best development teams around the world are working hard to have their games ready to play on Xbox Series X this holiday
  • For PC players, we plan to support the community by making all our major releases at launch available with Xbox Game Pass for PC, including Halo Infinite, Wasteland 3, Minecraft Dungeons and of course, Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • We have new updates and titles lined up for Xbox Game Pass for console and PC
  • We’re expanding Project xCloud into new countries and on new devices—and later this year Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass will come together, enabling you and your friends to play together in more ways.

Nice. This Thursday kicks off the first of these Xbox 20/20 events, with rumours currently pointing towards a big reveal happening. Stay tuned for more on that, soon.

Last Updated: May 5, 2020

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