Xbox 360 Arcade Slashed to R1535

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 Xbox 360 Price Cut

Don’t get over excited just yet though, the R1535 price tag is only applicable to residents of the good ol US of A.

We reported on this a month ago (here) and it is now being confirmed by retailers across the States.

As of the 7th of September the Xbox 360 Arcade will retail for $199, the Premium (60GB) for $299 and the Elite (120GB) for $399.

We have always been told that $199 was the magical price for real mass market uptake so lets see what happens. Does it have any chance at all of rivalling the Wii?

(We are still well priced at R1999 if you think about it, only R400 more than the States on an American product so don’t expect a price cut)

Source: Videogaming247

Last Updated: August 21, 2008

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