Xbox 360 Avatars coming soon?

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Xbox 360 Avatars coming soon? 2

Apparently Nintendo Mii’s are one of the greatest additions to this generation of console gaming…. To be honest I couldn’t care less about my Mii but maybe that is because I am an uncaring b#%#ard… (That is if the wife is to be believed)

Anyway back to the point, someone found a site that had a flash video showing the new avatars that are coming to Xbox Live at the end of this year to replace the standard Gamerpics that we have now.

Personally I don’t think I like the idea, having some snot nosed kid wiping the floor with me and looking like an over active bunny on his gamercard could be the last straw…

But some people like this type of thing I guess… I wonder if they will have this out before PS3 Home gets released as well?

Last Updated: June 16, 2008

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