Xbox 360 Could be 'Distant Third' By 2009 – DFC

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A research company called DFC Intelligence has just released its latest forecasts and it is predicting that the Xbox 360 could be a distant third by 2009.

This is due to the huge exponential growth that is expected in the gaming market, they are predicting between 180 and 210 million consoles in homes by 2012. That is just under double the amount of the last gen consoles sold so the industry is looking good.

They are expecting the Wii to keep on selling the most console units and the PS3 to start making the most money from software sales… to be perfectly honest I can’t see how they see this. Unfortunately IGN doesn’t have a link to the original article and doesn’t back up the claim.

I can only guess these guys have decided that all PS2 gamers will buy PS3’s?

IGN: Xbox 360 Could be ‘Distant Third’ By 2009

Last Updated: September 19, 2007

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