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Xbox 360 Crashes – Destroys major league gaming dreams and eats babies

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This is actually pretty unbelievable unless everything that happens in America is pre-scripted and follows that true Hollywood path of last minute excitement.

In a recent Major League Gaming tournament a team entitled Triggers Down was playing a capture the flag match and had the enemies flag and was returning it to their base to win the match and progress into the finals.

His team mates take down every single one of the enemies and the flag carrier then rounds the corner, leaps up to the flag to win the game and the women but wouldn’t you know it he drops the flag. He turns around quickly to pick it up but someone appears to have glued it to the floor…

After firstly looking around for the sneaky Candid Camera crew the team realises that the game has actually crashed due to an enemy player being booted from Xbox Live.

They restart the match and are summarily booted out of the tournament after losing the rematch.

I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t all caught on tape.

As you would expect this video has gotten the Xbox 360 vs PS3 quality war going in full flight again.

Last Updated: January 13, 2010

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