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Xbox 360 dashboard voice commands really do work

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So I was messing around with the new dashboard interface last night to see how it works with Kinect and if there was anything that really blew me away and I noticed that in the bottom corner there was a microphone and a little speech bubble that said “Say Xbox”

And so I did… and then I made a video about it.

Granted it’s not the most exciting video but it does go to show that the voice commands are relatively quick to react and there is quite a bit you can do with them.

I got the kids and wife to test them as well and each and every one of them struggled at first as they all spoke really slowly to it. “F..R…I….E….N…D….S” but once you realise you just need to speak clearly and at a normal speed it started working for everyone quite quickly.

Excepts the Apps menu, that mother is an impossible one to open using voice commands and is really quite frustrating and also could someone please tell me how I can get to my messages using only voice commands, I couldn’t figure that one out.

The Bing search also ‘worked’ but the results were generally pretty useless and I can’t see it replacing googling something anytime soon.

If I had a choice I’d still use the controller but to be honest I found the voice commands easier than waving my hands around with Kinect but I can’t think of anything I’d be doing on my Xbox without a controller.

Last Updated: December 9, 2011

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