Xbox 360 Discontinued

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clip_image001Yeah this is the headline I wake up this morning. According to Amazon all the Xbox 360 models have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

So has Microsoft abandoned the console idea and handed victory over to Nintendo or Sony? Yeah like that’s going to happen.

There have been rumblings recently that Microsoft were preparing to release some new upgraded consoles and now due to better than expected sales over Christmas they have run into a shortage problem before the new ones are announce (probably at GDC)

So what are these new consoles going to include? Blu-Ray? Again I doubt it, I would just suspect that the new ones will have 65nm CPU and GPU’s and will come bundled with a $50 price cut. However due to exchange rate fluctuations the Arcade is only going to drop down to R2500 but at least it’s something.

Oh and they should once again be more reliable than the last batch Xbox 360 Pro Value Bundle: Video Games

[Thanks to Doobiwan for the tip]

Last Updated: February 18, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • crap if they’re releasing new consoles! someone should’ve told me then I’d have waited before getting my elite!!! GAH!

  • J4NR1K

    Meh. Won’t beat my mongoose for shear beauty and style! 🙂

  • Almost like the PS3 multiple SKU…
    It wont have blue ray, that will just skyrocket the price to more than the PS3 and the cheap price of the 360 is one of its advantages..

  • LazySAGamer

    @Evilredzombie, nearly like the PS3 except that each iteration of 360 SKU’s has the same feature set as the previous one. In the worst cases new features are added but old ones are never taken away 😛

  • JP

    If the arcade will be R2500 here than core might have to rethink the wii pricing.

    Ain’t competition grand? 🙂

  • Fox1

    The Core Group should have re-thought the pricing of the Wii. We are being overcharged a minimum of R700 more than Europe and US.

    @koldFU5iON- Relax… Intermittent DVD problems on current 360’s will pop-up once the new 360’s are launched 😉 . If it’s under the year warranty you are covered for any issues.

    But the robustness and build quality of Elite and Mongoose is such that this may never occur. Both have the same hardware except for the hard drive capacity.

  • doobiwan

    Doobi’s 360.3 predictions:

    Built in Wi-Fi
    Larger Hard drives (120Gb pro, 320Gb elite?)
    Price Cut
    New names

    Maybe not all, but some variation of the 3.

    (.1 – Elite, .2-Arcade)

  • Fox1

    @Lazy- Did you report in a previous article some time ago that we will see a drop in the 360’s price in Feb 2008?

  • LazySAGamer

    Nice memory there 😉

    I wrote about Bruce Everiss’s belief that the 360 will receive a large price cut in Feb 2008…..

  • Fox1

    Thanks Lazy 🙂 Bruce Everiss predictions maybe true. Maybe his prediction is month too early seeing has Feb is already three quarters through but well spotted Lazy. This also helps to explain the shortage of Pro’s.

  • Abe

    The ever changing xbox, lazy your thought process is backwards, surely its worse to keep releaseing consoles with new/improved/upgraded parts, cos it leaves people like koldfusion upset that they now have just wasted money on a second rate console!

  • LazySAGamer


    Upgrading the internal hardware of a console is nothing new. Slimline PS2, PSP light, Nintendo DS Light…

    It’s the norm. However removing features is something I have only ever seen in the PS3

  • SlippyMadFrog


    Well said

  • Fox1

    @Lazy- Lol. If any 360’s get RROD within the 3 year warranty you get a new one. if a PS3 breaks down after after a year, you have to buy a new one. I’m glad the 360’s RROD popped up early within the 1 year warranty.

  • Burns ZA

    If you PS3 dies within the year you get a ‘repaired model’ back. lololololololol. Also if you had a 60GB model they give you a 40GB model in exchange. Customer service.

  • doobiwan

    Woot, super downgrade ftw :p

    Actually hardware revision go back to the PS2. The slimline included an ethernet port that was originally an add-on.

  • Abe

    Yes but to a point, the xbox has had so many revisions its rediculous!! “Downgrading” the ps3 doesnt effect anyone, cos those that have the sixty dont lose anything and those who bought the forty obviously dont care!
    On getting a forty in replace of your sixty this only happens if you dont want to wait for a sixty gig replacement, and no it aint refurbished and if you do opt for the forty as a replacement you are also supposed to get a R2500 rebate, nothing wrong with that especially if you dont give a hoot for BC and studies show most dont!
    All you little xbots are just looking for a reason to still love your dying console!

  • doobiwan

    heh heh, you’re giving me the giggles Abe, keep your panties on 😉

    Dying? No mine died already and I got a brand spanking new one with all the cool new fiddly bits, frankly I’m chuffed.

    Currently, there have been 4 360 SKU’s and there have been 5 PS3’s. That’s the nature of competition, oneupmanship. As long as they all play the games, ce la vie.

  • Fox1

    Wow! 5 PS3’s already!!! I see a pattern evolving… Each time a new one is released then more features are removed.

    “All you little xbots are just looking for a reason to still love your dying console!”
    @Abe- The 360 is covered by a 3 year warranty for RROD. PS3 only has 1 year warranty. What you do if it breaks after then?

  • LazySAGamer

    @Abe, I think if you searched you will find quite a few people upset about not being able to play PS2 games on the 40GB.

    I also remember SACD being a huge feature in the beginning which has been quietly dropped as well..

    As with memory cards, more USB ports… did I miss something?

    Fact is Abe the PS3 has been downgraded while the 360 has only been upgraded. Sony made mistakes

  • Confused

    @LazySAGamer – Sony made mistakes? I see the Xbox drawing closer and closer to the same features as the PS3, and IMO Xbox players are the only ones that don’t mind keep upgrading their consoles to keep up with the times. Feels like a PC in a fancy white/ green/ black case.

    The whole point of a console is not to have to upgrade all the time. Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot slightly stuck with old DVD technology. but then again, everyone will argue that they don’t mind flipping disks when new games come out. Sony thought long ahead the only thing they did not think was people paying extra upfront for a superior console, instead Microsoft do what they do best, force people to keep buying new hardware to keep up with the times instead of investing the time and energy upfront and making a console that will last longer than a couple of years.

  • LazySAGamer

    @Confused. If Sony didn’t make mistakes then could someone explain why 6 months after release they dropped half the features and slashed the price? They misjudged the market.

    When the 360 was released HD-DVD or Blu-Ray were not available and Microsoft made the decision to release without it. I still think they did the right thing. My biggest problem with the Xbox is that the Core model doesn’t have a HDD, that was a bad move.

    I see no reason to buy any new hardware for a 360? I will buy a stand alone Blu-Ray player when they are as cheap as chips 🙂

  • doobiwan

    Exactly. Confused – to quote Bungie, if you buy a 40Gb PS3 “No kan haz BC!” Even with a core, if you change your mind later, you just buy the add on, you can’t with a PS3.

    And as far as changing the hardware, did every PS2, or PS1 owner cry fowl when the slims came out? No, it was expected.

    On ye old “xbox is a PC”, come on! Can you put another foot in your mouth.
    The PS3 is the one that touts keyboard and mouse.
    The PS3 is the one with a browser
    The PS3 is the one with the user moddable harddrive
    The PS3 is the one with Linux.

    Now who’s pretending to be a PC?

  • @ doobiwan … you see it too! I’m not alone!!! 😀

  • Abe

    I think CONFUSED aint confused at all, you hit the nail on the head buddy, but firstly 4 vs 5??? The xbox has had a sh*t load more revisions than four lol!
    And Doobi you missed his point about the xbox being like a pc. The whole point about consoles is that you are supposed to lay out a sum of money and thats you done for the next 6/7 years (or 2/3 if you a bot ;). However with the xbox, microsoft is constantly upgrading the internal bits thus emulating the life cycle on a pc! All the jazz you talk about are merely elements which add to the superior abilities of the ps3!

  • Fox1

    What internal bits on the xbox are being upgraded Abe. The Elite, Pro and Core are separate models. Just like the 80, 40, and 60 gig PS3. Doobiwan is right. There have have been 5 PS3’s. Whats superior about downgrading???

  • Abe

    There have been countless “revised” models, 65nm, 45nm, added heat sinks(multiple), changes made to the disk drive(and its still sh/t),”falcon”, we’ve been over all this numerous times, and they still havent gotten it right, so now they are bringing out another completely revised version! The only real downgrade that the ps3 underwent was the losing BC, and who cares for it! now if the ps3 lost the BD drive or Wifi or something then that would be bad!

  • Fox1

    Dropping BC is bad. That was a major selling point. Get to play your PS2 games on hi-def.
    Who cares about a BD drive. It adds to the cost of the games and at the same time those games have to be installed to the tiny hard drive which is dumb for a console. And those games coming on BD are not long enough to justify the need for it.

    The 65nm chips have only just been released and 45nm will follow soon. The same will happen on the PS3 because it helps to drop prices. Thats normal.

  • Ewie

    @Abe am i missing something, the xbox still have exactly the same functionality it had in the beginning, Nothing less.

  • ocelot

    It didn’t have HDMI in the beginning.

  • Fox1

    HDMI and HD-Composite Video deliver the same picture quality. MS did do us a favor and include it by the time RROD was about.

  • ocelot

    Does composite do 1080P?
    Does composite do HD audio?

    And I think you meant component which doesnt do those either.

  • Fox1

    I meant component. The component cable does do 1080p and all 360’s have Digital Audio Out on the component cable.

  • doobiwan

    Abe andocelot, you’re clutching at straws and arguing just for the sake of it.

    The ADDITION of HDMI, or 65nm chips, or bigger drives is irrelevant because it only adds functionality it never takes features away. In other words your “old 360” is never rendered obsolete by a “new 360”, which is where the PS3 got it wrong. The 40Gb can’t keep the promises made by the 60Gb.

    May I also remind you of the words the PS3 father:
    “We don’t say it’s a game console (*laugh*) – PlayStation 3 is clearly a computer, unlike the PlayStations [released] so far.”

  • doobiwan

    Oh and ocelot, at your niggle, 360 does surround sound on all video outputs and it does 1080p over VGA.

    Unlike ALL PS3’s that only support 480p out the box. 😉

  • JimBob

    “In other words your “old 360″ is never rendered obsolete by a “new 360″, which is where the PS3 got it wrong.”

    It is clearly a problem that BC was taken away, but the PS3 still plays all PS3 games and all Blu-Ray movies. My older PS3 is not invalidated by the newer models.

    Sony brought out an expensive (but high value) console with all the bells and whistles, then pared away the features it considers to be non-essential to make it more affordable for all the complainers.

    BC is relatively important, and that was a bad move, but I’ve yet to encounter anyone who needs more than two USB ports or some of the weird card ports that were removed from the system. If removing features that no one uses and that have no impact on the primary functions of playing BRDs and PS3 games allows a price cut of some 25%, what’s the big deal?

    Still people, who aren’t interested in the console in the first place, find something to complain about. Sony could give PS3s away for free and most of you would still be moaning about something. The hate and rage is strong indeed.

  • Abe

    Jimbob, the force is strong with you!
    I think that pretty much sums it up!
    Ps3 is better than the xbox in all accounts and means 😉

  • doobiwan

    Funny how a thread about the 360 devolves into a thread about the PS3, so who’s hate and rage is stronger?

    Jimbob, others may not, but I do agree that the BC thing is bad, but it’s not a deal breaker. Abe, you’re just wrong. Always 😉

    I think that all the “issues” with this generation of consoles is probably just idicative of the fact that there’s real competiton for the first time. Not “little companies fighting” like Nintendo and Sega, but real cut throat Megacorps ready for a barney. Maybe competition is not such a good thing 😉

  • Abe

    I just dont get the whole BC thing, why would you want to play a ps2 game after you have experienced HD gaming with the ps3, sure there are those guys that have a back library of games but why not just play it on there ps2?
    Oh and why harp on about the PS3 when the 360 doesnt have full BC either?

  • Burns ZA

    Abe your fanboy roots blind you to the argument at hand.
    The Xbox 360 revisions build onto what is there.
    The PS3 revisions reduce what it is.
    It’s a no brainer.

  • Abe

    My point was even after the reductions on the ps3 it is still better than the xbox!

  • Burns ZA

    How is it better?
    It plays Blu Ray +1
    It can’t play all DivX files -1
    It can’t auto off its controllers -1
    40 GB are not BC -1
    Games are few and far between -1
    Controllers have no rumble -1
    PSN is crap -1
    PSN is free +1

  • Abe

    How is it better?
    It plays Blu Ray +1
    It can’t play all DivX files – tie (all accounts is that both consoles win and lose in different area’s)
    It can’t auto off its controllers -1 (ok, you get a point here, but seriously, woopde doo basil)
    40 GB are not BC – tie all 360’s arnt completely BC
    Games are few and far between (PLAIN bullshit, maybe this time last year, yes, but not anymore)
    Controllers have no rumble – yup they do and motion sensing guess that adds a point to sony on this one +1
    PSN is crap -1, only in comparrison, but fair enough!
    PSN is free +1
    Wireless lan +1
    should I go on?

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