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Xbox 360 Elite is here.

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Xbox 360 Elite

So the worst kept secret in console gaming is now official, the Xbox 360 Elite will hit the shops on the 29th of April.

Virtually all of the previous information we reported was true.

The Xbox 360 Elite will be black, have a 120Gb HDD, come with a HDMI cable, it does not contain the 65nm chips and it does not have a built in HD DVD drive.

Great we where spot on with all of that now the things we got wrong. It is not limited edition and will slot in as a 3rd SKU at the top of the range.

That’s all that we got wrong :), black accessories will be available seperately and the 120Gb HDD will be sold for $179.99.

It is going to cost $479.99 which will most probably work out to between R4500 – R5000 locally.

I don’t see any reason to upgrade from my Xbox Premium do you?

Last Updated: March 28, 2007

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