Xbox 360 Elite Price Drop Hitting Next Week

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We have been all over the rumours that the Xbox 360 Elite was going to be dropping price in the US from $399 to $299 and now it looks like the rumours were all in fact true.

The above image from a Walmart flyer/catalogue confirms that as of next Sunday prices will be dropping one hundred smackaroos. While the price drop should be seen in our country as well, we have no idea when the price drop will hit. If not at the same time as everyone else then we can assume that it will be right before the Christmas holiday spending spree season a little later this year.

Just for anyone confused about the lack of HD cables in the Elite, we can confirm that not only will there be no HDMI cable but no component cables either, leaving you with nothing but a composite cable and no HD goodness in the box of your shiny new “next-gen” console.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: August 24, 2009

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