Xbox 360 Elite Price Drop Hitting Next Week

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We have been all over the rumours that the Xbox 360 Elite was going to be dropping price in the US from $399 to $299 and now it looks like the rumours were all in fact true.

The above image from a Walmart flyer/catalogue confirms that as of next Sunday prices will be dropping one hundred smackaroos. While the price drop should be seen in our country as well, we have no idea when the price drop will hit. If not at the same time as everyone else then we can assume that it will be right before the Christmas holiday spending spree season a little later this year.

Just for anyone confused about the lack of HD cables in the Elite, we can confirm that not only will there be no HDMI cable but no component cables either, leaving you with nothing but a composite cable and no HD goodness in the box of your shiny new “next-gen” console.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: August 24, 2009

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  • Fox1

    Including HD cables is so last-gen :biggrin:

  • Darthpenguin

    The PS3 didn’t do it and it did fine…

  • eXp

    Doesn’t the PS3 come with an HDMI cable ? :wassat:

  • easy


  • ewie

    well I for one don’t use the cables supplied,
    as I had to buy VGA cables anyway.

  • ewie

    don’t know why they dropped the component cables
    as It would have been fine for a lot of players.
    Just not the ones using monitors.

  • eXp
  • WitWolfyZA

    question… Does this mean that the 120Gb HDD is also gonna fall in price? im not paying R2000 for a 120GB HDD when i can just add R1200 more and get the whole package..

    And lets say you have a 20GB and just got a new 60GB HDD SKU where can i get the data transfer cable to transfer my data from the old HDD to the new one?

  • Sweet! This is another awesome deal. But, Im really confused now on what should I purchase. Actually, I want to have one but I really need to save money for the copy of Aion next month. 🙁

  • wow! 399 to 299, i can save money to buy more devices. :devil:

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