Xbox 360 Failure rate is 16%?

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clip_image001There has been a lot said about what the exact failure rate of the Xbox 360 is.

Microsoft has always claimed that it is within the industry norm 3-5% while some nutters have claimed it is closer to 66%. (I highly doubt it). The most common claim is 33% which is still higher than I would expect.

One company who sells extended warranties has gone through their books and come up with a number of their own. They claim that 16% of Xbox 360 consoles fail and 60% of the failures are due to the RROD.

I would think 16% is most probably accurate but where I disagree is that they expect this percentage to grow while I am expecting it to drop due to the new and refined hardware in the consoles.

I do however believe that virtually every single one of the original batches will die within the 3 year warranty. However the revised models will have a standard failure rate.

The PS3 and Wii failure rates are accepted to be in the industry norm range.

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Last Updated: February 14, 2008

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