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Xbox 360 has exclusive Indiana Jones Content?

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Indiana Jones Exclusive to 360 Yesterday we posted about the back pattingly happy press release from Microsoft in Europe about how they have increased sales by over 100% and that they now own 47% of the market.

Well according to vgchartz they have been losing sales week on week so I am a bit unsure about what’s going on there but there was a little easter egg in that press release which was spotted by doobiwan… Take a look

Upcoming releases of blockbuster games such as“Grand Theft Auto IV,”“Rock Band,”“Lego Indiana Jones” and“Ninja Gaiden 2,” will continue this momentum and give consumers even more reasons to buy Xbox 360.

So did you see it?

They mentioned 4 upcoming games.

Rockband – Xbox 360 timed exclusive in PAL areas
GTA IV – Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content
Ninja Gaiden 2 – Xbox 360 Exclusive

and Lego Indian Jones… which up until today had been expected to hit all platforms simultaneously in the beginning of June… So why did they mention it?

Hell they could have mentioned the awesome Alone in the Dark (no PS3 version until later this year) or Endwar or some big hitting cross platform titles like Battlefield: Bad Company…

But no they decided to put Indiana Jones into the press release… So the rumour (yes that we are starting) is that either Indiana Jones is going to be announced as a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 very shortly or it is going to be getting some extra cool stages as downloadable content…

Or they just thought it was a good enough name to be worth mentioning, even though every other platform could get it as well…

R10 on a coming announcement though….

Last Updated: April 18, 2008

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