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Xbox 360 has the best exclusives

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Well, that’s what Xbox chief financial Officer Dennis Durkin believes, anyway. Speaking to Industrygamers, the suit reckons Microsoft’s first-party titles are “superior” and have outperformed the competition’s – Sony and Nintendo’s -  “in terms of quality bars and units per title.”

“Certainly we think first party is an important tool and you can’t dispute titles like Forza, which has consistently come out on a repeated cadence and sold multi-million units,” he said. “You can’t dispute things like Fable, which again, on a very consistent pace, has come out and sold 2 and 3 million units a pop.”

“And now new titles, like Kinect Sports, which has come out and sold over 3 million units. So we are, not only building existing IP and incubating around titles like Halo and others, but really building new IP in new areas. And that’s going to be core to us… to build those experiences and monetize those. Our first party team really pushed our platform team to build a better platform. So a lot of those experiences, those new entertainment experiences, actually look a lot like gaming experiences in terms of how the functionality and the interactivity actually works.”

“And so first party has multiple roles in terms of our ecosystem, in terms of driving platform-exclusives, but also communicating to partners what’s important.”

Well of course he’d say that, being employed by the company – but the fact that he’s managed to do so with a straight face is incredible. In terms of sales? He’s probably dead right – but quality?Pressed,  I’d say the best first party games come from Nintendo – but I’m sure an overzealous acolyte of the Church of Sony would like to convince me otherwise.

Source : Industrygamers

Last Updated: July 18, 2011

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