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Xbox 360 in Japan

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A site called the Japan Gaming Guide is reporting on how the 360 is doing in Japan…  A couple of celebrities in Japan have been punting the 360 with comments like

The Xbox 360 is wonderful – Kiku Taro

lack of stress in modern RPGs – Yamamoto Mona

and other weird and wonderful statement from people we have never heard off… However it doesn’t ever really get into the reason of why the 360 is failing in Japan even though Microsoft has spent millions on advertising and securing strange Japanese games for it…

Really the only thing that does make sense is that the Japanese are not happy about buying an American product when there are suitable Japanese alternatives… I don’t see that ever changing so maybe Microsoft should stop trying so hard in that market and put some more money into the PAL regions.

Link to Japan Gaming Guide

Last Updated: June 11, 2007

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