Xbox 360 now half the price of the PS3?

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Xbox 360 now half the price of the PS3? 2

By now everyone has seen that Microsoft has slashed the price of the Xbox 360… Microsoft just need to announce it now.

Anyway, were one of the first sites to get any official comments from Sony and Nintendo and both companies have stated that they have no intentions of cutting their prices in response.

We are still waiting for Microsoft to confirm anything, but at the moment it looks like the 360 is going to be retailing for 149 pounds in the UK which is 30 pounds less than the Wii and a whopping 140 pounds less than the PS3… So you could now buy two Xbox 360’s for the price of one PS3.

Seeing that the games on both platforms are pretty much equal, with the 360 possibly still leading, you have to ask why anyone would actually pay double the price for the same machine. Is Blu-Ray really worth that much?

Source: TechRadar

Last Updated: March 10, 2008

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