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Xbox 360 or PS3 – Gaming Quality

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So after posting the completely biased article about the PS3 having the best quality games, Gameworld has come out and done a proper investigation into the games….

Easily summed up as follows

PS3 Exclusives above 8/10: 5
Xbox 360 Exclusives above 8/10: 39

Now you have to be a screaming fanboy not to see the difference there, for the maths geeks among us that means the Xbox 360 has 7.8 times as many 8+ exclusives as the PS3…

So while most of the PS3 games are scoring well, there are only 5 of them which kind of sucks…

Link to PS3 vs Xbox 360 Review Score Comparison – Page 1 of 1 – Gameworld Network.

Last Updated: June 4, 2007

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  1. papa-action

    June 4, 2007 at 10:58

    Call me a screaming fanboy if you want 🙂 but there simply aren’t enough PS3 games out to give this kind of comparison any credibility. There is no way to make this comparison fair for either console. If you look at total number of exclusives scoring above 8 then then result will be skewed toward the XBox simply because it has more games. If you look at the ratio of games scoring above 8 vs total number of games then the ratio will be skewed toward the PS3 simply because it does not have that many games at the moment.


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