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Xbox 360 Portable… not coming

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I have an iPhone, Nintendo DS, PSP and a Nintendo 3DS so no I don’t want or need another handheld (sorry PS Vita) but I have to admit that I would be slightly tempted to get myself a Xbox portable just so that I can still get achievements while being on the road.

But unfortunately that mini desire has been squashed like a bug thanks to Dennis Durkin, CFO and COO of the Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business.

According to Dennis the Menace

In a term of a dedicated handheld there are questions of the viability of that business model

People have been asking for a long time about handhelds. It’s a really interesting time in that market. Look at the Nintendo 3DS, it’s been a slower start than analysts and others had expected, but it’s a super-competitive space. Any dedicated portable device like a camera, or a portable gaming device like the 3DS has a tough time.

They are very challenging markets as phones have got smarter, and we’ve chosen to make our bed around the phone instead and add Xbox Live services to Windows Phone 7 instead

So in short, if you want to play Xbox games on the move and get achievements you need to get yourself a Windows 7 phone instead… Honestly I can’t ever see me giving up my iPhone so I’m just going to keep on hoping that Microsoft decide to licence the Achievement API to indie game developers from other platforms so I can finally unlock my Angry Bird achievements.

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Last Updated: June 14, 2011

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