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Xbox 360 ports on PS3?

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Something new, well actually, this article is more how developers might be writing games for the PS3 console and then downscaling to XBOX 360. The are saying that porting from XBOX to PS3 might not be as easy as porting the other way round.

“Developers are telling us that they are starting to create their games on PS3 first and take advantage of the hardware capabilities and then port down to other platforms so we are seeing tremendous progress from the third party community in terms of what they are able to do with our development kits. You will see some very nice things in 2008 coming from our third party partners in addition to what you will see this holiday.”

Full story here www.gamedaily.com

Last Updated: December 20, 2007


  1. Milesh Bhana ZA

    December 20, 2007 at 11:01

    I guess it makes sense for multiplatform devs. I mean, apart from Infinity Ward. Every other MP developer has stated that the PS3 is harder to develop for.

    Porting games were supposed to be the easy way to make money off an existing IP, but the differences in architecture makes a PS3 port almost as expensive as the original 360 game.

    I don’t envy these developers in either scenario. .NET + DX for one and C++ and Open GL for the other… can’t be easy.


  2. abev

    December 20, 2007 at 11:29

    The times, they are a changin’.
    Ahh I love it!


  3. doobiwan

    December 20, 2007 at 11:43

    Come now Lazy, Flamebait Friday is tomorrow πŸ˜‰ you seem to have neglected to mention that the comment was made by SCEA chief of lies Jack Tretton and the only “Developers” he quotes is Criterion – the guys behind Burnout Paradise, who are really powers unto themselves. Darn fanboys πŸ˜‰

    The 360’s dominance is development is 3 fold:

    1. It has the largest install base with the highest attach rate. Besides the fact that that’s where the money is, if you flub the 360 version there are half a dozen competitors quite happy to steak your business.

    2. 2/3 for FTW! If the game is a 3 way port, ie PC, 360 and PS3 It’s the same toolset for 360 and PC which then commands 75% of the users.

    3. The tools are just better. The XNABuild pipline will allow you to set up for multiple build targets, the Sony tools don’t.

    Maybe when/if the PS3 commands equal share of the market there’ll be wholesale shift, but I consider it quite unlikely, especially for American and PC based developers.


  4. Causer

    December 20, 2007 at 12:42

    @ Doobiwan.

    Fair enough but the 360 is limited, they have to take in mind that not all 360 owners have a HDD and or a HDDVD. So there is only so much you can put on a 8.5gig DVD.

    All PS3s have a Bluray drive and atleast a 20 or 40gig hard drive.

    Time will tell.


  5. abev

    December 20, 2007 at 12:50

    Causer time is already telling! Xbox is starting to lose its grip. Everyweek there is more and more pro ps3 news. 2008 is going to be a great year!


  6. doobiwan

    December 20, 2007 at 13:00

    Thanks, you can add that to my list as point 4 in the 360’s favour – lowest common denominator πŸ˜‰


  7. Causer

    December 20, 2007 at 13:41

    So that makes 4 points why the 360 sucks rather than 3.


  8. baba

    December 20, 2007 at 13:58

    Causer, spoken like a true fanboy.

    Reality check: the 360 does not suck, neither does the PS3.


  9. XennoX

    December 20, 2007 at 14:00

    Flaming fanboi’s! Don’t you just love ’em.

    My personal definition of a fanboi, someone who supports a product to the ends of the Earth, because they don’t want to see their precious money go to waste.


  10. Burns ZA

    December 20, 2007 at 14:08

    I think its inevitable that the Ps3 takes the lead. Goerge Foreman told me.


  11. scotty777

    December 20, 2007 at 15:25

    Guys guys guys… STFU!!!!! ok… I was 1 of the first people in South Africa to get a ps3… And Most like the 1st or 2nd person to have 1 on Myadsl (lazy I’m sure you can confirm)

    Now i didn’t buy it because it was the best. or had the most power. or that the graphics are amazing(I still need to get an HD cable ha ha ha). I bought the ps3 because to me, it represents more then just next gen consoles… to me, it’s the next sequel to the psx and ps2. It’s what i wanted… it’s my machine. it was an impulse buy, not a saving for the best console… i was faced with xbox or ps3 in Game… and my heart bought the one that I felt was the best

    the ps3 has all the games and legacy that my psx and ps2 had. and more it offers next gen graphics(I really gotta get me a HD cable and stop borrowing) and is fun πŸ˜€

    Now if that makes me a fanboi then go ahead, call me a fanboi… But, honestly… i don’t care if it’s not the best… It’s still mine… and i’m sure Feo and Gavin and many other console owners feel the same way about there console…

    So come on guys… i’m never out to attack your console though… i’m out for a bit of fun. πŸ˜€

    lol… long post πŸ˜›
    GG boys GG


  12. boredhousewife

    December 20, 2007 at 16:34

    The problem with HD gaming in general is that dev costs have gone through the roof. I think this goes some way to explain why the current crop of games have been criticised for being too short(Heavenly Sword, Uncharted; COD 4 etc).

    Net result for developers is that the goalposts have been shifted as far as commercial success is concerned.

    The XBox is the only console that developers can rely on at present to produce the required levels of commercial success to warrant the high cost of development.

    One can look at the relative commercial failures of AAA titles like Heavenly Sword , Lair , R&C to support this.

    If further evidence is required go ask Mark Rein to compare sales of UT3(PS3 excl) to sales of Gears on the Xbox.

    In gaming as in everything else it is unfortunately a case of money talks and BS walks


  13. doobiwan

    December 20, 2007 at 16:51

    Scotty believe it or not I actually respect that. I think it’s why most early adopters buy anything.

    @Causer: ooooo scary comeback! BHW pretty much sums it all up.


  14. sanctuary

    December 21, 2007 at 11:06

    I agree with Scotty. Which console IS better is an argument for technical fundis. If you are a gamer at heart, play what you love. I love all three, I have all three.

    As for the devlopment, doobiwan is right.
    A familiar toolset
    = faster development
    = quicker time to market
    = cheaper development cost.

    Both the 360 and PS3 have a lot to offer. We have already seen great games on both consoles, and there is more to come. Personally, I hope neither console wins. Competition is always good news for the consumer. I do pity the devs, being an application developer myself, it can’t be easy trying to squeeze every work out of every cpu/gpu cycle to produce the awesome gaming goodness we have today.


  15. LazySAGamer

    December 21, 2007 at 11:23

    wow I missed all of this.. serves me right for letting us people post articles :D….

    Nice posting though Scotty…..


  16. sabagamma

    December 21, 2007 at 20:27

    Nothing like a biased article to start a flamewar.

    “Developers are telling us that they are starting to create their games on PS3 first and take advantage of the hardware capabilities and then port down to other platforms…” – port down to other platforms – nice marketing Sony, what were they porting to, the PS2?

    Believe this when developers start telling you this – not Sony. I cannot see any incentive for a company that makes multiplatform games to make the PS3 version noticably better. There would be no financial benefit and they would be seen by the community as tying their flag to the Sony mast, which would offer no benefit either because of the XBox install base.

    Both XBox and PS3 owners owe a great deal to each other and maybe even more to the WII for bringing in cut throat competition to the console market. If there was one console to rule them all we would all be mortgaging our houses to afford the console and the best games for it.

    I say let them slug it out, because we the consumer benefit at the end of the day.


  17. ewie

    December 22, 2007 at 16:41

  18. scotty777

    December 23, 2007 at 00:04

    ewie… I sigh at your link because after reading it… i had to wipe my eyes clean from the crap that was said there… on average… that article stated that the ps3 simply was HALF the graphics processing power of the xbox… i mean… is that even possible… and if it was… i would just be laughing at the xbox developers and applauding the ps3 developers…

    come on man…are you that dumb to post such a inane comment on a topic that seems to have settled to the point where both ps3 and xbox fannies where tolerating each other?

    wow i made piece with the other console supporters… and then some monkey like you comes along to make me start to think, why some people are allowed to type info they MADE UP on a wed site…

    But I still love you guys( my SA/Myadsl buddies :D)
    and I love my ps3 for reasons stated above in a previous post…

    any ways…


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