Xbox 360 Price Cut: For Real This Time?

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So a very secret and informed inside source has said… 

“They want to get Halo 3 out the door and sell as many systems as possible. They know that Halo 3 will help system sales. After the initial launch they will drop the price to $199 in order to boost sales over the holiday season. The original plan was to wait until Grand Theft Auto IV was released and then lower prices, but with Take-Two Corporate being in a very fragile state, Microsoft in unsure that it will be out in the fiscal year.”

Believe it or not I am not the informed source :), even though that is exactly what I have been saying they are going to do. It is by far the most logical conclusion.

Source: Xbox 360 Price Cut: For Real This Time? – Gaming Today

Last Updated: June 14, 2007

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