Xbox 360 Price Cut incoming… if you believe Michael Pachter that is

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It feels like an eternity since we last heard from our analyst at large, Michael Pachter, but he’s back and with yet another excitable prediction.

According to his research we can expect a Xbox 360 price cut in June at E3 and that Sony and Nintendo will follow suit as soon as Microsoft lays down the gauntlet.

So how much lower can we expect it to go?

Well the Xbox 360 is currently $299 in the US and he expects the new price to be $299… but to also include a Kinect unit in ever box. Or to drop to $249 without the Kinect unit.

Personally I think a pricing structure of R3400 for a 250Gb Xbox 360 + Plus Kinect would light up the retailers in the holiday season and really put pressure on Nintendo and Sony to slash their prices.

I asked Microsoft about the price cut rumours last week and they were happy to confirm that yes indeed they were rumours and that’s about it…

Source: CVG

Last Updated: March 8, 2011

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