Xbox 360 sales up over 200%

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Xbox 360 Price Cut Working

I find it difficult to believe any consoles sales figures that start with the following statement “[Console Manufacturer] has announced” but in this case they are being backed up by a third party company (Chart Track) so I am guessing it’s safe…

Anyway Microsoft has announced that sales of the 360 in the UK have increased by 214% over the last two weeks and is now outselling the PS3 by 2:1… This sales spike is not only limited to the UK with sales all over Europe increasing at the same time, though it must be pointed out that we are not told what the overall European sales increase is.

It does appear that the price cut is having the desired affect and Chris Lewis from Microsoft is confident that the increase will continue through the silly season and that they will also have enough stock to cater for the demand, which is always nice to hear.

Though it’s not all bad news for Sony, when we look at the last 12 months in the UK market the PS3 is actually ahead of the 360 by 100 000 units having sold 1 million units to the 360’s 900 000.

The Wii is obviously still miles ahead in total and weekly sales, can anything ever stop that thing? 

Source: Videogamer

Last Updated: October 1, 2008

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