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Xbox 360 takes a big knock from US Tech Celebrity

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Most of us won’t know him, most of us have never heard of him but the problem for Microsoft is that most of America does.

The man I am talking about goes by the name of Leo Laporte. He is a presenter of an American Tech TV show called The Screen Savers and today, in a huge knock to Microsoft, he posted on his blog that he has just had his second and final RROD on his Xbox 360 and will be completely moving over to the Playstation 3 for his gaming needs.

Microsoft is truly starting to feel the sting of their actions and I cannot say that I feel the least bit sorry for them. News like this hitting the American news just before Christmas is not going to help them with their sales, price drops or not.

With so many people complaining about their Xbox 360’s and the recent news of the local Xbox 360 price increases, it is fairly safe to say that the South African Xbox 360 scene is in serious danger.

Source: Planet Xbox 360

Last Updated: December 8, 2008

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