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So the latest sales figures from Europe are in and the 360 still holds a very slender lead over the Wii in total sales. Not forgetting that it had quite a lead to start with.

Anyway in the weekly sales figures we have the following
Wii      – 96,123
Xbox   – 37,768
PS3     – 27,598

In total sales the 360 is ahead by +- 150k and as you can see it should be overtaken in 3 weeks. However with Halo 3 coming next week it may be lucky enough to keep this lead until the end of November or even through Christmas.

The PS3 is over 2 million units behind the 360 and since it sells less units weekly it is never going to catch up unless something drastic happens (Killzone 2?)

Video Game Chartz – Nintendo – Sony – Microsoft – European Weekly Chart

Last Updated: September 19, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • doobiwan

    I wouldn’t say killclone, if anything, Europe is going to be more inclined towards something like Gran Tourismo 5 or Singstar #462.

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