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Xbox 360 with built in HD-DVD

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I came across a disturbing story this morning. It appears that Microsoft may be about to launch a Xbox 360 with a built in HD-DVD drive.

Now most of you know my opinion on this format, I don’t mind if Microsoft release a Xbox 360 with a HD-DVD drive, I don’t mind if they release a XBox 360 with a Blu-Ray drive but I will have an issue if the choice is taken away. 

In some exciting news for HD-DVD fans, Scott Browning, one of the most experienced CE retail marketing executives in Australia, has revealed that Microsoft is preparing to launch a new Xbox 360 console featuring a built in HD-DVD drive

If they decide that instead of giving us a much wanted price cut they will bundle the HD-DVD drive instead I will be very annoyed. Leave the format war to choice please.

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Last Updated: October 19, 2007

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